Monday, February 23, 2009

Kejohanan Catur MSSPs 2009©-under 18

Round 6 & 7(final day)

final ranking boys under18

final ranking girls under18

Para pemenang top ten under 18 lelaki

Pemenang2 top ten under 18 perempuan

Tamatlah sudah Kejohanan Catur MSSPs 2009. Jumpa lagi tahun depan!

Antara pemenang yang dipilih untuk bermain blitz bersama senior selepas final round.

Ketua Unit Sukan JPNPs-En.Rosli b. Osman

Round 3,4 & 5

Antara kes menarik yang dapat dijadikan tatapan pengajaran.

Player hitam tertidur di rumah dan datang lambat mengakibatkan dia kehilangan kira² 20min.

Pairing result for round 6

Pairing result for round 6


The girls show most serious face than the boys :D

Arbiter...Cik Marlina

Round 1&2

Exclusively public shown ranking for boys under18 after round 2. We decided to make it as 'tatapan umum' because under18 boys comprise of 12 seeded. Wow. Exactly tough games for all rounds and we only choose top 6 to represent the state. However, maybe we will create a supreme surprise for the top 10. The desicion is still in progress. For all the players,play wise,smart and confident.

Pictures in round 1&2. The first day of the tournament.

  • The top picture in left corner is Mr.Marzuki playing blitz chess with senior.
  • In the left bottom picture you can see two players in serious mood,and seriously I don't know who wins the game. I was too busy.
  • Here are part of the under18 girls.
*More pics on the second day.

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